Music and Children’s Choir

I was the firstborn of the eight children of my family, and my desire to lead and teach was evident very early on. According to my mother, I gathered my siblings around me to teach them, and I even pretended to celebrate Mass for them.  I belonged to the Hungarian Girl Scouts and served as the leader for the youngest girls in the troop.

My formal education was entirely in Catholic schools, from elementary and high school to attending Seton Hall University for my B.A. in Education and receiving my Masters in Theology at the University of San Diego. My teaching career began in a parish in Bridgeport, Connecticut where I taught first grade for three years, and was followed by many years of teaching in primary grades in parochial schools throughout the nation. For a few years of my teaching career, I also taught middle and junior high students.  In whatever grade I taught, music and singing were parts of the curriculum in my classroom. I also did school-wide church music instruction.  During my career, I had the joy of being an assistant principal to some wonderful principals.  I am a staunch believer in Catholic education, so when I was given the opportunity to be a principal, I considered it an honor to lead and to make a difference in the lives of our students.

The years I spent as Director of Religious Education preparing children and adults to become Catholics through the RCIA process were most fulfilling. Here in the San Diego Diocese, I have been called upon to participate in various committees and collaborated in the development of the diocesan curriculum expectations.  I served on diocesan planning committees, and have been a member of WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) visiting teams. My approach in teaching music is to try to balance the music instruction that is required by the curriculum with providing experiences for all the students so they know the joy of singing.  We all may not have great voices but we all do have the voices that God has given us.

Miss Elizabeth Keresztes

Music Teacher and Children’s Choir Director