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St. Rita's School Philosophy

St. Rita’s Catholic School is a multicultural parish community that welcomes children of all faith backgrounds. The students’ cultural diversity fosters a spirit of understanding and cooperation, and we care for one another as an expression of our faith. The rigorous academic program which incorporates components of Catholic doctrine throughout all subjects and provides opportunities for worship, challenges students to cultivate their spirituality, think critically, use technology responsibly, develop intellectual curiosity, and communicate effectively.

In partnership with parents, who are the students’ primary educators, the administrators and staff facilitate learning in a student-oriented environment where students develop wholly and uniquely. St. Rita’s School celebrates the diversity of its students while fostering a sense of social responsibility. Students develop patterns of thoughts and behaviors based on Jesus Christ’s example and respond to others in accordance with Catholic values and the Church’s social teachings.

Students at St. Rita’s School are encouraged to pursue learning as a life-long goal. At St. Rita’s School students develop spiritually and academically enabling them to live in the world of today and preparing them for the world of tomorrow. For our students, the pursuit of learning remains essential at school and beyond.

St Rita's School Mission Statement

As a Christ-centered school, we partner with parents in teaching and modeling our Catholic school core values: Love and Unity - Collaboration and Resilience to empower our graduates to become lifelong difference makers.

Non-Discriminatory Statement

In accordance with Federal Law and the U.S. Department of Justice, this establishment does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.

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