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St. Rita's School Directory

Mrs. Gina Olsen - Principal

Mrs. Montijo - Office Manager / Development

Mrs. Contreras - Bookkeeper

Mrs. Egan - Learning Support Specialist / Curriculum Specialist

Mrs. Johnson - Learning Support / Grant Writer

Mrs. Harkay - Learning Support

Mrs. McMorrow - Learning Support / Grant Writer

Mrs. Rowland - Learning Support / Development

Mrs. Torres - Preschool Director

Mrs. Landgrave - Extended Daycare Program Provider

Miss Woodman - Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Armenta - First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Schmidt - Second Grade Teacher

Ms. Bockenholt - Third Grade Teacher

Mrs. Morales - Fourth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Valdivia - Fifth Grade Teacher

Mr. Cooper - Sixth Grade Teacher

Mr. Coulon - Seventh Grade Teacher

Mrs. Lepore - Eighth Grade Teacher

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